The Benefits of Enhancing Your Massage With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be used as an enhancement to therapeutic massage therapy, which provides the client with a more beneficial and pleasurable experience. Simply defined, aromatherapy is selective use of essential oils from plants for the purpose of promoting healing. Oils may be inhaled or applied directly to the skin. Aromatherapy and essential oils are gathering widespread attention from the medical and scientific community as an alternative form of treatment for stress, infections, and other types of health problems.

Each element used in aromatherapy is derived from a 100% natural source. In humans, the sense of smell is almost as strong as the sense of taste. Aromatherapy can be beneficial to those with asthma and other types of breathing disorders. It has even been scientifically proven to activate obscure human memories.

When combined with massage therapy, aromatherapy can assist the human body in regulating its hormones. It can also provide relief for women who suffer from severe menstrual cramps. Other benefits it has to offer include bolstering the immune system, decreases in congestion, relief from migraines and tension headaches, increased energy, reduced inflammation, and muscle relaxation. It also improves blood circulation, aids in digestion, and improves the quality of your sleep.

In order to enjoy the maximum amount of benefits that aromatherapy and massage therapy have to offer, it is important to find the right fragrance composition. Just like massage therapy, aromatherapy is an art and a craft, and it requires many years of experience and practice to get just right.

At LaVida Massage, our highly skilled therapists will work diligently to identify the perfect blend that works for you and meets all of your needs. Whether you need to work on health issues or would simply like to relax in a serene environment, book an appointment at your local LaVida Massage franchise today!