Nancy C.

I’m a member that signed up after the initial massage, based on a referral from my neighbor.  I had a long term masseuse that I use to go to in city every 3 weeks for the last 6 years before COVID. I am so happy to find a local place (support local business!!), whose prices are reasonable.  My husband and I share the membership. They have plenty of therapists to chose from.  My husband prefers a female and he’s going thru a rotation to find someone he loves.  I prefer a male for deep tissue and currently there are only 3 on staff but this is not an issue because after trying 2 (Isiah first, who is great and Dean next, also great), I’m already putting myself on a schedule for every 2 weeks, when I can.   My husband comes with me every other time as he prefers a monthly massage at this point.  It’s flexible.