Happy Mom. Happy Life.

Between making lunches, changing diapers, and after school activities being a mom is exhausting. Taking a minute, let alone an hour to yourself seems wrong when the house is a mess, the laundry is piling up, and the kids haven’t taken a bath in four days. Sometimes, as a mother it’s easy to forget that you need a little relaxation too, to recharge your batteries.

At first, a massage may seem like a luxury but by making massage part of your routine it will benefit you physically and mentally. Here are three reasons why you should seriously consider a therapeutic massage:

Sleep Better

Taking advantage of the times your kids do sleep is important. “Quality sleep is vital to health and wellness” according to the American Massage Therapy Association. Massage is deeply stress relieving and gives people the sense of true relaxation.

Relieve Stress

Whether you are a stay-at- home or full-time working mom, stress is inevitable. Whatever the cause may be, massage is an effective and healthy way to manage stress. While massage therapists know first-hand that massage reduces stress, there is considerable research that proves the effectiveness of a routine massage.

Increase Range of Motion

Massage focuses on maintaining and often improving the physical mobility of every single body part. Like a healthy diet and exercise, the more you do it the greater the benefits.

Remember to take care of yourself because a happy mom means a happy life. To schedule your appointment with a certified professional, contact a LaVida Massage center in your area today.