Conquer Stress and Anxiety with Relaxation/Swedish Massage

Life’s stressors can include work, family, friends and, especially this time of year, doing your taxes! Our daily routines also take a toll on our bodies, and stress and anxiety often top the list of persistent offenders. The most common problems associated with stress and anxiety is how they manifest into painful physical symptoms, such as soar or tight muscles. Relaxation Massage, also known as Swedish Massage, can help to greatly improve your mood and energy levels, as well as decrease anxiety naturally. Simply put, massage increases the levels of endorphins, which are the body’s natural “uplifting and feel good” chemicals, without the use of man-made pharmaceuticals.

Relaxation/Swedish Massage also improves blood circulation, leading to lower blood pressure, enhanced mobility and the calm feeling of “True Relaxation”. The techniques used during a LaVida Massage session remove tension from the muscles facilitating proper blood flow through congested areas. Releasing this pressure allows oxygen-rich “new blood” to flow more freely through targeted areas aiding in the repair of damaged or fatigued muscles. Additionally, the lowered blood pressure helps control stress hormone levels reducing one’s risk for developing anxiety, depression and hostile feelings.

Conquering stress and anxiety are two of the most significant benefits of Relaxation Massage and is an important component of a healthier lifestyle. When your mind and body are truly relaxed, the painful physical symptoms of life’s stressors are greatly reduced and become easier to manage. Following a massage session, most guests reported feeling not just calm and relaxed, but completely rejuvenated. The therapeutic benefits of a LaVida Massage Session are effective, valuable, meaningful, relaxing and even curative!