Back to the Essentials! 5 Gifts Perfect for Everybody

Every year it’s the same thing, flowers, chocolate, and wine. It can be easy to lose sight of the true meaning of Valentine’s Day, love. We want to take you back to the essentials that are sure to create some romance, and are perfect for everybody. These gifts are guaranteed to leave you and your partner loving life.


Couples Massage

Individual massage therapy is a blessing in and of itself. A couple’s massage creates that same relaxing personal experience with your partner. Some clients may even experience an increased sense of comfort when they are accompanied by their partner. Creating bonding opportunities with one another whether you decide to communicate and chat or enjoy a shared experience in comfortable silence.


Loving Life Essential Oil Blend

Essential oils have been proven to help with stress, infections, and other health problems. There’s nothing sexier then someone who cares about your overall well-being. Which is why this romance blend is the ideal gift for your future Valentine, whether you use it in a diffuser or directly on the skin with a carrier or lotion.


Seduce, Root Candle

Love is in the air… no really, this candle is sure to ignite the flame, and create a feeling of romance. Made with natural soy products so you can let this burn for hours.


Aroma Wrap

There is nothing better than two arms wrapped around you, except for one of our signature aroma wraps. Simply add your favorite essential oil and enjoy a warming and relaxing experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


LaVida Massage Gift Card

Not sure whether your valentine wants a massage or facial? No need to worry, the perfect gift for everybody awaits at any of our LaVida Massage locations.